**Disclaimer** If you know me in my 'real' life and stumble across this blog- please know that I write here for healing, and to feel close to my Noah, and close to my grief. At times these letters may seem sad, angry, and at times, crazy. Please don't worry about me- this is how I help myself heal. If you have questions, just ask- if you know me well at all, you know that I love talking about my Noah.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Hello my Noah's Bear,

Grandma is here this week. On Sunday she goes to England because Uncle Peter and Auntie Kate are going to have a little baby very soon.
Do you know what this new little baby looks like? If it's a boy or girl? If you have any influence- please send the little one nice and safe to Uncle Peter and Auntie Kate!
This little baby will be your first, 1st cousin! You've never been a cousin before!
Love you forever,