**Disclaimer** If you know me in my 'real' life and stumble across this blog- please know that I write here for healing, and to feel close to my Noah, and close to my grief. At times these letters may seem sad, angry, and at times, crazy. Please don't worry about me- this is how I help myself heal. If you have questions, just ask- if you know me well at all, you know that I love talking about my Noah.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Grandma and Poppy are on their way!

Hi Little Buddy!!!

Grandma and Poppy are on a plane right now to visit Mummy.. well, really they are coming for Uncle Peter and Aunt Kate's wedding.. but they are stopping by our house first!

Grandma has been sneaking a peek at my notes to you too! I think she likes to know what Mummy is thinking sometimes- but that's ok!

So I will pick them up from the airport soon, and then we will go rent them a car.. then I have to go to work, but Grandma and Poppy will hang out here with Casey... I know they wish you were here for them to look after and cuddle and kiss and sing to. It is hard for them too. I think an extra hard thing for them is to see your Daddy and I so sad. THey would change it all if they could.. I know they would.

I was talking to Leah's Mummy the other day. You know Leah right? She is the beautiful little girl..maybe a bit bigger than you, she got there in heaven two weeks before you did. I'm sure she showed you around.. you both had hurty tummies...but now you should feel all better... because they say that everything is perfect in heaven.
ANyway... please let Leah know that her Mom and Dad miss her so much, just as your Daddy and I miss you. Please look out for Leah.. play together.. look down at us together. Her mommy and I are friends now- because of you guys- you brought us together- and we need each other.
Know that we are so proud of you, our little angels, and that we miss you dearly.

Well Noah, I must go and walk Casey.. Remember that I love you.. more than anything.. I mean that!
I love you
I miss you
I need you